• Catherine François was born in Belgium in 1963. She received a classical university formation and then started focusing on Fine Arts and Sculpture. For 20 years, she has devoted herself to sculpture and exhibited in Brussels, Knokke, Paris, Geneva.

    In 2007, the David and Alice Van Buuren Museum in Brussels dedicated her first retrospective exhibition, which was successful. This invitation was renewed in 2012.

    Inspired by nature, Catherine François's works tend towards abstraction while remaining strong, organic, familiar and sensual. Her sculptures transmit the infinity of the movement whether the energies are balanced or not... in short... just like life itself.


Paris, Echos (le parcours des mondes),
From 6th of September to 8th of October 2022

Bruxelles, Brafa Art Fair
June 2022

Bruxelles, La Forest Divonne Gallery,
From 24th of march to 15th of may 2022

Paris, Art Paris 2022,
from April 7 to 10, 2022

Paris, Biennal de Paris,
from November 26 to December 5, 2021
Bruxelles, La Forest Divonne Gallery,
From 27th of march to 10th of june 2019

Bruxelles, Brafa Art Fair (Boon Gallery),
From january to february 2019

Bruxelles, Brafa Art Fair (Espace de la Banque Delen et Galerie Boon),
From 27th of january to 4th of february 2018

Brussels, Aeroplastics (group exhibition),
June-july 2017

Brussels, Zedes Art Gallery (solo show),
March 2017

Brussels, Brafa Art Fair, Boon Gallery,
December 2016

Brussels, Maruani Mercier Gallery,
December 2014

Miami, Art basel Miami Design,
from 5th to 8th of december 2013

Knokke le Zoute, Maruani-Noirhomme Gallery,
from 15th of november to 18th of february 2013

Brussels, Van Buuren Museum,
may – october 2012

Brussels, ART BRUSSELS (Maruani-Noirhomme Gallery),

Knokke-le-Zoute, Maruani-Noirhomme Gallery,
summer 2010

Brussels, Zedes Gallery,
from 19th of november to 19th of december 2009

Antwerp, Delen Bank,
from june to october 2009

Brussels, Tour et Taxis, BRAFA (Antique fair)
january 2009

Brussels, David and Alice van Buuren Museum,
from may to september 2007

Brussels, Zedes Gallery,
november/december 2006

France, Courchevel, Daniel BesseischeGallery,
winter 2005

Swiss, Geneva, Daniel Besseische Gallery,
february 2004

Brussels, Zedes Gallery,
november/december 2004

Knokke le Zoute, Argo Gallery,
december 2003

France, Deauville Auction,
august 2003

Brussels, Zedes Gallery,
october 2002

Knokke-le-Zoute, Berko Gallery,
august 2001

Brussels, Damasquine Gallery,
february 2001

Brussels, Arthus Gallery,
november 2001

Brussels, Gemeentschapscentrum op Weule,
july 2000

Brussels, Riverside Café,

Brussels, “Espace Lavoir”,

Brussels, Boisfort’s Academy,



Deeper aux Açores
Installation near the sea of Açores, 2023

Catherine à l’atelier
Catherine Francois par Jade de Chermont

Tomorrow Man Made by The Sea
Installation on the breakwater in front of Place Albert in Knokke-le-Zoute, 2009

Installation at the Van Buuren Museum
Installation of the exhibition at the van Buuren Museum, 2012

Samare in turning since 2005